Ghost Wave

by Spirit Tramp

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released January 1, 2013

All Songs written and recorded by Spirit Tramp:

Music and Lyrics by JT Bringardner
Electronics on "Uphill", "Mother of Organs" and "Ghost Wave" by Nick Lamberth
Artwork by Bjørn Halden Parramoure:



all rights reserved


Spirit Tramp Athens, Georgia

This is my Soft Side.
The divine star of myself shedding its tired light.
The Ancient Engine hard at work.

These are the songs of Spirit Tramp

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Track Name: Nightmares
Hand on my chest
cardiac arrested
I thought i had a dream in the night
but it festered

thought about the animals for miles in the desert
one after another like they're running from a death threat

a clown in the street
begging for attention
everybody looks the other way
like he's leprous

everybody thinks of things to say behind their fresh breath
but open up the mouth and teeth are rotting like a meth lab

wondered about clawing my way out cuz I'm restless
never had the patience to wait out my investments
the ticking bomb of death is just a fantasy assessment
a flight simulator for the chronically reckless

and Night Terrors
and waking up at
night scared
I might tear
right out of my nightmares

Nightmares and
Night Terrors
and waking up at
night scared
I'm right there
trapped in my nightmares
Track Name: Uphill
you look like you could use a holiday
you got that look in your eyes that says you're far away
you don't owe me anything
when your finger's on the trigger and your foot's in the grave

can i offer you a glass of chardonay?
you got you hand in your sweater and you sweating like a sailor in the sun
i think you'd better take a walk with me
there are men in these woods that'll dig a shallow grave

aha yeah yeah aha baby

three more miles till we get uphill
a body in the back of the coupe de ville
supposed to be a clean job, nobody killed
how am I gonna live with the guilt?

Needed 2 Grand so I could pay our debt
but things got heated when he saw us sweat
he made a quick move and I remember a flash
was it me that pulled the trigger so fast?

I finally found the truth it brought me straight to you
now I need to know tonight am I all alone in life?
I finally read the news it brought me back to you
I need to know tonight is it all uphill in life?
I finally found the truth it brought me back to you
I need to go tonight you need to start another life